a Biofeedback device
BioRef treatment rejuvenates the skin without muscle relaxants (Botox), fillers or other invasive procedures. This becomes possible thanks to the combination of TWO painless, innovative technologies:

A. Jet-stream: Active ingredients are introduced into the skin in a needle-free way filling the skin pores with active solutions to meet your specific skin’s needs.

B. Electrostimulation (Biofeedback) is used to send impulses to muscles. Not only does this make the muscles firmer and tighter, it also creates more volume in the face as the skin and muscles are closely linked. This is a 100% natural technique using our own body’s neurofeedback mechanisms for skin rejuvenation.
Biofeedback technology has been widely used for years to assist patients with different kinds of rehabilitation.
Biofeedback therapy can be used to restore muscles function as well as to increase muscle activity by stimulating our own body's "electrical system".

BioRef-DC designed by Tavger Ltd. is a Biofeedback device intended to trigger and "re-educate" nerves muscles with the purpose of improving their tonus, strength and reactivity which were reduced due to aging, trauma or disease.
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 160mm
  • Net weight: 10KG
  • Gross weight: 12KG
  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 400W

Warranty and Manufacturer:
  • Warranty - 12 months from the date of sale
  • Manufacturer - Tavger LTD (Israel)
  • Deliveries directly from the factory in Israel
The voluntary contractions generated by biofeedback procedure produce great response and result in restoring nerves and muscle functions in various body systems, such as:
• pelvic floor • abdominals muscles • buttocks • tailbone • vagina • rectum • penis
How it works
BioRef-DC treatment duration is 20-30 minutes.

The device has two electrodes:
One electrode is applied to the skin compartment previously treated by gentle Affinity MicroJet device. Affinity MicroJet device is preparing a skin surface for BioRef-DC treatment, by cleaning debris from the skin surface and releasing contaminants from the skin appendages for enhancing it's electro conductivity.
Another electrode is placed close to a vertebral compartment with the purpose to create a reflex arc is a neural pathway that controls a reflex.
3 Power level
The maximum electrical current doesn't exceed 100µA.
A Power level push-button has 3 levels of electrical current for adjusting the electrical power.

Another pushbutton so called Mode is changing polarity and alternativity of DC electricity.
During a somatic reflex, nerve signals
travel along the following pathway
  • Somatic receptors in the skin, muscles, and tendons.
  • From the somatic receptors, afferent nerve fibres carry signals to the posterior horn of the spinal cord/brainstem.
  • To the integrating center, the point at which the neurones compose a gray matter of the spinal cord or brainstem synapse.
  • Efferent nerve-fibers carry motor nerve signals from the anterior horn to the muscles.
  • Effector muscle innervated by the efferent nerve fiber carries out the response.
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