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Affinity Inevitably Younger
How it works
The device uses pressurized fluids through ultra-fine holes (jets) in a disposable plastic tip.
The round tip is a multifunctional instrument with two nozzles oriented along the skin surface and located opposite each other; the vacuum channel that evacuates waste fluids and skin fragments and controls the position of the skin necessary to supply the fluid inside the pores.
Since the jet diameter (40-60 microns) is less than the inlet opening of the pore and the fluid is supplied under pressure, the solution pours from the tip into the pore when it spatially aligns with the stream.
Naturally, to overcome the resistance of the pore the fluid must be supplied under pressure.
During the treatment of a face with about 200,000 pores, about 20,000 fillings of pores occur, with a total volume of 2 cm3 as a result of random coincidence of jets aligning with the pores.
36 year old patient
After 1 treatment
Retention of the result
Usually, the results appear a few days after the treatment when the solution begins to diffuse throughout the thickness of skin. Because the effect is three-dimensional, an aging skin will inevitably become younger for a very long time.
Our Technology
It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.
The solution is delivered into the pores
without damaging the epidermis and other skin structures.
MesoStrip D
MesoStripD uses a hermetically sealed vial to deliver solutions to the pore at the right rate
MesoStrip S
Mesostrip uses the intrafollicular fluid delivery by nanojetting through pores in order to overcome the skin barrier
Biofeedback technology has been widely used for years to assist patients with different kinds of rehabilitation
Affinity GJS
The first and only device to treat all types of chronic wounds
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Our technology allows performing a deep 3D chemical peeling by delivering relatively weak AHA acids to the surface of the dermis and deeper into the skin.
The amount of delivered material and depth could be adjusted depending on indications and the treated area.

Working inside the skin, these acids do not affect the surface, which is more persistent area of the skin, and do not destroy it. This allows for the procedure to be performed in any season of the year without worrying about pigmentation or other side effects.
Our method offers practically unlimited possibilities for beauty specialists.

With a wide range of our liquid solutions, it is possible to achieve the desired results without damaging and traumatizing the skin, and while retaining its integrity and health.
Our devices provide a unique opportunity for treating areas of the neck, décolleté or any other skin area with pores.
In our work with the device, we cannot and do not want to offer specialists hard rules on how to perform this or that procedure.

We trust your enthusiasm and professionalism to be the first in developing new methods with the help of our device, to finally offer a technology with actual results that grants beauty to your patients.
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