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Tavger Ltd designed and manufactured a number of devices for different medical applications: prevention or mitigation of surgical infection sites, outpatient clinics for chronic wound treatment, nursing care for chronic wounds, and patient home wound care.

Tavger Ltd acquired international reputation for development, manufacturing and sales of medical aesthetics devices.

Tavger ltd is proudly located in Israel.
The company has an R&D division, unit’s manufacturing and assembling facility, plastic molding department, and cleanroom for manufacturing of disposable sets.
Dr. Michael Tavger
TAVGER Ltd was established by Michael Tavger, PhD, ScD, a specialist in processes of turbulent flow and combustion.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Tavger has applied his scientific and technical expertise to the field of medicine.

For the last 14 years he has been a leader of the R&D management team of TavTech Ltd and developed family of product JETOX for wounds cleansing and debridement and JETPEEL family devices.

Dr. Tavger is the originator of 26 patented inventions.
In October 2012, the Company was certified by the Israel Standards Institute for compliance with the international medical standard ISO 13485, and began production and commercial activities.
The main tool of the new technology is high-pressure micron liquid jets. Tavger Ltd was able to offer a new bioengineering solution to improve skin quality without injury.
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Tavger Ltd has a portfolio of research and development ideas and device designs based on the latest advances in bioengineering and biotechnology. Dr. Tavger is the author of 26 inventions.
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